Copper Steel

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COPPER - Premium range, made from stainless steel

Ageless and urban - 

Our copper soda maker is made fr. . . Show More

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Beyond the sleek design, this hydration hero has also been designed to take up minimal room so you can enjoy more precious kitchen space. Inclusive of a 900ml bottle which is easy to use and clean.

1 x Soda maker
1 x 900ml bottle

Matte Black & Matte White
Our matte black and matte white soda makers are made of heavy duty ABS plastic and can make thousands of litres of soda water!

Copper & Polished Steel
Our copper and polished steel soda makers are made from high quality ABS and steel components within a stainless steel housing.
Polished steel - is then polished to the sleek finish you see today.
Copper- is then then plated in copper to achieve an elegant and quality finish.

Height: 44cm
Width : 14cm
Depth: 30cm
No Messy Cords required!

Simply press the top button, carbonate just once for a little bit of bubbles and up to three times for lots of bubbles! Watch the full how to video here

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Use Monten Soda Co2 Cylinders.

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COPPER - Premium range, made from stainless steel

Ageless and urban - 

Our copper soda maker is made from high quality stainless steel, then copper plated.

Elevated and sleek in its appeal, our copper carbonator offers the utmost in at-home luxury.

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Cheaper than bottled soda

Expertly Designed Countertop Charm

The Sparkling Water Maker is more than just a beautiful addition to your countertop. It's also a practical and convenient way to enjoy sparkling water at home or in the office. With its easy-to-use push button, you can enjoy a refreshing glass of sparkling water whenever you want, without the need for bottles or cans.


Effervesce with Ease

Our machine is easy to use and requires no batteries or electricity, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional carbonated drinks. With its sleek design and durable construction, our sparkling water maker is the ideal choice for anyone who loves the fizz and wants to enjoy it from the comfort of their own home.

1 Cylinder VS 180 330ml cans/bottles

Rp 199.000 for 60L of soda
Rp1.170.000 for 60L of soda

Next Generation Sparkaling Water Maker

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